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Most of the “design your business card” services online, use common templates used by many others in the industry. The design-for-print services offered by us makes sure that we deliver what you need, and not just restrict your thoughts and ideas to a cheap commonly used design template. We do this, by allocating one of our very own industry experienced designers who will communicate and develop your business card project. The purpose of your business card design, is to positively project your business and services you offer, making potential clients to have confidence when dealing with you.

Can sides designed provide savings in printing? Read More

When it comes to business card printing, the difference between the cost of one side and printing both sides is not significant. The reason is that all cards are printed in a batch that includes single sided and both sides designed cards.

How can I provide fonts and the text for my design? Read More

Text can be provided on email, or as a MS Word document for copy and paste. If text is sent as a scanned copy or an image it will require type setting time by us. Which ever method, we will use our design flair to make sure we use a matching font for your job. If required, you could also select the option for requesting an identical font match.

Do I need a new business logo? If no, select not required Read More

We require 4-6 Work Days to develop a new logo concept/s. The number of changes thereafter applies to a selected concept called the draft. Any further changes, with your prior consent, will be invoiced at $40+GST/hour. Once finalised you can request the transfer of ownership of your logo. The finalised logo will be supplied as a vector graphic that’s suitable for any media application. The final logo will be supplied as an editable PDF.

NOTE : The cost of the new logo design DOES NOT constitute to be a part of your refund calculation.

How can I provide images for my design? Read More

If you need images to be included in your design this will require scaling, cropping them to size, image manipulation and re-touching. Images can also be presented as a background to your design. Please enter bellow the number of images you have planned to include in your design.

Upload Logo, images and styles with instructions for your design.

Upload Design Files

Total Jobs:

(1) Body Text and Fonts

To get the best creative outcome, a combination of matching fonts will be chosen by us. Text supplied as an image as opposed to a word document, demands text entry and typesetting time.

Unless you have specificaly requested a font that must be matched on your job, you can set up your text on a word document using a standard font that you want us to follow.

(2) Business Logo

PNG and JPG files are raster images which are made up of pixels. The logo and background are on a single surface that needs separation, depending on the application or design.

Vector graphics (PDF/SVG/EPS) on the other hand can easily be scaled up or down without any loss in quality of the logo and is independent of the background.

(3) New Logo Design

Get us to design a new logo for your business. For example, if we provide you with 2 Draft logo concepts, you will be allowed 4 changes to your preferred draft. Any design time spent on additional changes will be costed, notified and separately invoiced.

(4) Images and Backgrounds

Please do not send us scaled images on a word document. It’s best if they are supplied as RAW, JPG, PNG or GIF Files. Vector graphics and backgrounds are ideal when supplied as PDF files.

We recommend the option of using royalty free stock images that are freely available online. Just send us a link and we could show the image on your draft, prior to you deciding to buy the image. For a start you can check CanStock Photo’s website.

We are here to help...

Upload Files

If you are uncertain about your artwork, please upload and share it with us. A simple change to your existing artwork or making your artwork print ready is what we do. We tell you if we can fix it free of charge, or quote a reasonable amount for our design time.

Send Design Brief

With a simple design brief, let our Graphic Designers fuel your creative projects. We offer special pricing for artwork; when printed with us. So why wait, just send us your design brief and we will send you a quote in return.

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