Executive Business Cards

Price Includes Australia Wide Delivery | 4-5 Working Days

Product Features
  • Printed on 300gsm Stock
  • Popular Trim Size 90x55mm
  • Full Colour Printed All Sides
  • Choice of Celloglazing
  • 4-5 Work Day Turnaround
Further Options
  • Creative Artwork Design
  • Free Artwork Change
  • Trim to Custom Size
  • Special Finishing Options
  • Multiple Name Discounts

Elegant and stylish Business cards in full colour, genuine offset printed on standard art board stock. The card thickness is an economical and ideal option used for constant give away cards such as loyalty cards, appointment cards, and as a promotional card for small start up businesses. Without the cello-glaze this card stock has an uncoated finish and a matt feel that facilitates a writable surface.

Key Specification

Smooth Art Board
Full Colour Printing
Choice of Cello-glaze


What is the popular Business Card Size in Australia?

The most popular business card size used in Australia is 90 x 55mm. The size is little larger on the long edge when compared to a plastic credit card (Size 85.5 x 54mm). Many printing companies now offer cards at 90 x 54mm with the purpose to reduce the off-cut and maintain an efficient board yield. This is a very negligible 1mm reduction in the short edge of the card. We prefer to maintain our standard card size at 90 x 54mm, while also accommodating any special sizes for an additional fee.

Can I get my card printed on both sides?

Majority of our printing Jobs are planned and printed both sides. Printing just one side will not give you a sizable cost advantage. We recommend that you should make the best use of both surfaces on your card, by creating an effective design that contributes towards the purpose of having a business card.

How many business cards should I get printed?

Our planned printing batch size is usually 1000 and 500 cards. The cost difference between these quantities is approximately $10 to $20, which is negligible when compared to the set up time for each job. We therefore prefer to print 1000 cards, making it both advantages to our customer and us. We also accept order quantities bellow 250 cards, which will be printed digitally.

How do I select the thickness of my Business Card?

Holding a thicker business card can always give you a feel of substance and prestige. With this purpose in mind we prefer to use 400gsm stock for our prestige range of cards. This is a smooth and hi-white stock that has always been a preferred choice for our clients during our years of trading. In fact a 400gsm card is almost double the weight offered by many of the ‘budget printing’ companies.

We can also offer the same in 300gsm stock thickness. Again, this type of board thickness has its uses, as it is fairly economical when used by people who need to bulk-buy their cards for constant give away, e.g. taxi drivers, hairdressers, tradesmen etc. This stock used with a Gloss or Matt Cello glaze topping can add extra substance and glamour to your card.

GSM (gsm) refers to the substance weight (Thickness) of paper, relating to an area of paper that remains constant, irrespective of sheet size, expressed as grams per square metre.

Should my cards be Cello-glazed?

Cello glazing is a process where a Gloss or Matt film coating is heat bonded to the printed surface of your business card. Cello-glaze has a smooth and luxurious feel and also enhances the visual impact of your design while increasing the durability of your cards. If in case you need a writable surface with cello-glace, a Matt cello-glaze coating is the option to select. In contrast a gloss coating will give you a reflective sheen to the surface of your card.

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