Compliment Slips

Product Features
  • Printed on 100gsm Bond
  • Dust Free Quality Paper
  • Full Colour Printed One Side
  • Standard Trim Size 99x210mm
  • 3-4 day Turnaround
Further Options
  • Creative Artwork Design
  • Design to Print Both Sides
  • Change the Paper Thickness
  • Get them Bundled or Padded
  • Order Custom Trim Size

This is a great way to add a personal touch, and a good way to build a personalized business relationship between your company and client. With Compliment slips are an ideal accompaniment with your product brochure or marketing material. A formal letter can be over the top; where as a well-branded slip with a personalized message remains memorable in the thoughts of your client.

Key Specification

Dust Free Laser
Bond Paper
99 x 210mm


What makes a good letterhead?

A professionally designed letterhead is essential for an impressive corporate presentation that will contribute towards a uniform written communication. With your experience you will understand that before you read the message you unconsciously get a feel of the paper and observe the layout. Therefore the first impression a letterhead makes can be crucial to success.

Do you supply Letterheads in Laser Printer friendly paper?

The main thing to consider with a letterhead is that the paper you choose is compatible with your laser printer. We use high-quality dust free white offset 100gsm bond paper for our letterheads and Compliment Slip printing. This paper is suitable for any laser printer. The paper surface is best for copying, handwriting and stamping. We also offer thickness of 80gsm and 115gsm.

If you plan to use an Ink or bubble Jet printer, you should do a few tests with an uncoated stock to see how it performs.

Can a Letterhead be printed both sides?

A letterhead is best printed full colour both sides using quality bond paper that is 100gsm and above in thickness. In the age of electronic communication letterheads are used in the printing of invoices in colour with a single colour print of the terms and conditions on the reverse. The result is a uniform full colour invoice that is printed and gives you savings on colour ink tonner expiry and purchases.

If there is a need for the continuation of pages in your letters or reports, you may consider designing these continuation sheets on your chosen paper so that your followers match your letterheads.

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