C4 Envelopes Printed

Product Features
  • Holds A4 or A3 Folded
  • Print Logo or Text
  • Full Colour Printing
  • Large Letter Rate
  • 4-5 day Turnaround
Further Options
  • Creative Envelope Design
  • Design to Print Both Sides
  • Plain or Window Faced
  • Secretive Pattern Inside
  • Flap Style & Sealing

Formal C4 envelopes printed with your branding not only conveys the seriousness of your communication but also contributes credibility to your brand. Custom C4 envelopes portray a professional and refined image to your clients and are an ideal way to reinforce your name and brand image. It is a known fact that a printed envelope has a much higher open to read rate than a blank envelope.

Key Specification

Plain Face or Window
Holds A4 or A3 Folded
Full Colour Print


What Envelope Size should I select?

Use the envelope guide bellow to select your required envelope size with the document you plan to enclose.

EnvelopeDimension (mm)Suitable to enclose
DL110 x 220DL flyers (99 x 210 mm), A5 folded in half, A4 folded thrice to a DL
DLX120 x 235Used for Mail-outs, Can fit more documents than a DL size
C6114 x 162A6 Unfolded, A5 folded in half, A4 folded in half twice
C5162 x 229A5 Unfolded, A4 folded half once
C4229 x 324A4 Unfolded, A3 folded in half once
C3324 x 458A3 Unfolded

The 3 Common commercial Envelope Flap styles

Also known as the seal flap, it is folded down and sealed after inserting contents.

pocket style envelope wallet style envelope banker style envelope

Envelope Flap Sealing Methods

Lick and Stick: Requires application of moisture to close.

Peel and Seal: Peel off plastic liner to expose glue strip, fold over and press to close.

Self Seal: Pre-gummed bottom flap for ease of closure, no moisture or plastic liner required.

Do you require your contents to be Secretive?

Secretive envelopes have a printed internal pattern that prevents the contents in the envelope from being read through the envelope when held up against light. Non-Secretive envelopes are manufactured using unprinted envelope paper that does not have a printed pattern inside.

What are Window Faced or Plain Faced envelopes?

Plain face: No window to display the address on document enclosed.

Window face: Has a clear window on the front. Recommended for mail merge applications.

EnvelopeWindow Size (mm)Located from...
DL95 x 28Left Edge 32mm
Bottom Edge 16mm
DLX95 x 38Left Edge 32mm
Bottom Edge 16mm
C595 x 38Left Edge 22mm
Bottom Edge 64mm
C4 Portrait95 x 38Left Edge 26mm
Bottom Edge 68mm

Australia Post - Does your item qualify as a letter?

To be considered a letter, your item must:

✔  Weigh less than 500g

✔  Contain flexible items

✔  Have a rectangular shape

✔  Be no larger than a B4 envelope

✔  Be no thicker than 20mm

If your item were bigger than this they will classify it as a small or large parcel. Letters should not contain stiff objects such as bottle tops, pens, items enclosed in a hard case, and so on. High-speed letter sorting equipment could damage such objects, or the objects could damage other articles.

Australia Post - Postage Tips and Guidelines

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